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With VALLON you are optimally equipped for the detection of UXO. Whether in boreholes or under water, on small as well as large areas and in any terrain – you can rely on VALLON.

Passive single-channel
measuring systems/magnetometers
for the detection of unexploded ordnance/UXO

Powerful magnetometer systems
for UXO detection

Its modular design makes the UXO detector set VX1 a reliable partner for use on surfaces, in boreholes and under water.

The VXB3.1 is the borehole specialist. It convinces with extremely fast start-up and meets toughest detector performance requirements for borehole sounding in civil and military explosive ordnance removal.

VX1 – The universal probe

With a sophisticated combination of flexible application and easy operation, the modular magnetometer system VX1 meets the highest demands in civil, humanitarian and military explosive ordnance removal.

The UXO detector VX1 is available as a magnetometer kit for "surface", "borehole" or also as a combination kit for "surface and borehole". In addition, the option "SEPOS® borehole" enables a more precise positioning of the digital probe or sensor.

VXB3.1 – The borehole specialist

Magnetometer kit with VALLON field computer, optimized for permanent borehole use. The digital probe VSM4plus convinces with a measuring range of ± 300,000 nT and a very large compensation range of ± 75,000 nT.

The survey data of the VXB3.1 can be displayed and reviewed immediately on the VALLON field computer VFC4.1 as a curve. Whether pre-installed as an integrated license or with Bluetooth® beacon as a license carrier, the powerful Android software EVA4mobile® enables efficient recording of area and borehole data. In addition, the newly available borehole shaft guard protects the sensor cable during borehole operation.

Passive multi-channel systems/probe arrays
for the detection of unexploded ordnance/UXO

Powerful multi-channel magnetometer systems – optimized solutions for any size of terrain

The VXP3 carrying frame in lightweight carbon-fiber design construction is used for medium-sized area survey.

The VXV handcart is the hand-pushed solution in rugged and long-lasting aluminum/GFRP construction for large area survey.

Thanks to its high-quality aluminum GFRP construction with integrated suspension system, the VXVT trailer is the perfect partner for very large area survey.

Carrying frame VXP3 –
Medium-sized area survey

The portable VXP3 is a lightweight carbon-fiber probe carrier system. It shows its strengths wherever magnetometer probe handcarts cannot be used due to uneven ground and obstacles.

Alternatively, the optional and easy-to-mount wheel set serves to optimize ergonomics and coverage per hour, if smooth surface conditions allow.

Handcart VXV –
Large area survey

Special feature: rugged, long-lasting aluminum/GFRP construction. The handcart VXV is therefore considered a particularly "site-proof" survey system.

It is available in four versions: VXV4 slim (3 probes at a distance of 50 cm) and VXV4 wide (4 probes at a distance of 50 cm) as well as VXV8 basic version (4 probes at a distance of 50 cm), expandable to VXV8 full version (8 probes at a distance of 50 cm).

Trailer VXVT –
Very large area survey

The VXVT convinces with its rugged design and high-quality materials such as aluminum sections and glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The integrated suspension system also ensures reliable data quality when used on rough ground.

Mounting up to 8 probes makes the VXVT measuring system ideal for surveys of large-scale infrastructure projects. The probe distance can be adjusted into any position, enabling flexible operation.

Active metal detectors
for the detection of unexploded ordnance/UXO

Powerful metal detectors with highly efficient soil compensation

The large loop metal detector VMX10 is designed for the detection of unexploded ordnance in strongly mineralized soils. Optionally also available with wheeled carrier system VMXV1.

Its exchangeable search coil makes the metal detector VMH4 a real allrounder. The UXO search coils VS30 and VS60 in combination with the VALLON UXO mode achieve best results in explosive ordnance detection.

VMX10 – Work in strongly mineralized soils

The size of the VMX10 search coil can be configured based on various object and search requirements (1 x 1 m, 2 x 1 m or 2 x 2 m). The ergonomics of the electronics unit have been developed specifically for high comfort and long work days.

Thanks to the wheeled carrier VMXV1, the large loop metal detector VMX10 can be operated by just one person. It can be set up in a short time and is ready for operation, and copes with uneven ground and minor obstacles thanks to sufficient ground clearance.

VMH4-VS30/VS60 –
with exchangeable UXO search coil

The VMH4 with the UXO search coils VS30 and VS60 was specifically developed for the professional UXO detection. This includes, in particular, the detection of submunition and UXO in soils polluted with metal clutter.

The VALLON UXO mode is configured via wireless access to the internal webserver. This mode is supported by a reduced sensitivity in order to fade out smaller objects such as metal fragments.

Software for data acquisition and evaluation

EVA4mobile® – Acquisition of area and borehole data

EVA4mobile® uses the processing power of modern Android hardware and allows the comfortable acquisition of surface and borehole data with VALLON detectors. The range of applications extends from one-channel magnetometers on surface and in boreholes through multi-channel magnetometer systems to metal detectors.

EVA4ALL® – Display, georeferencing, evaluation and documentation

The innovative software solution EVA4ALL® sets new standards for displaying and handling continuously growing data volume of today’s large-scale projects. Its modern user interface enables the processing of data field-related as well as project-related. Even highly complex data packet can be processed clearly and evaluated quickly.

Excellent performance in numerous applications


All detectors are manufactured in Germany

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2 years warranty on all detectors

All products according to MIL standards

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Our products are backed by more than 50 years of experience. And that is what sets them apart.

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Powerful magnetometer solutions for surfaces, boreholes and under water

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